Everything You Must Know about Karate

Karate has become extremely popular these days among adults and children alike. This sport is actually an amalgam of Japanese and Chinese martial arts, and it is well known as a striking art. The word ”karate” contains two Japanese symbols ” kara” which means empty, and ”te” which means hand. Therefore, the word can be translated into ”empty hand”. If you want to find out more about this subject then continue to read our article as we will show you in the following some interesting stuff about this sport.

An important detail you need to know is that karate is divided into three categories, kihon, kata, and kumite. Kihon includes blocks, punches, drilling of stances, and kicks, whereas Kata includes pre-arranged forms that simulate combat situations and Kumite, sparring. As a beginner, you will be given strict instructions at the basic level for each category, until all the above techniques become spontaneous. Even though it will probably seem quite hard in the beginning, you will soon get used to the moves and they will become a lot easier to put into practice. Karate was born in the Ryukyu Island, located in the southernmost islands of Japan, and developed later with distinct influences. The sport features kicking, punching, and open-handed techniques. However, locks, grappling, and throws also might appear in Karate. The truth is that it has several similarities to Taekwondo, a Korean sport, although Taekwondo uses more kicks in comparison with Karate which has a better emphasis on punches as well as strikes. There is no doubt that Karate is a lot more than just competition, exercise, and self-defense.

Karate as self-defense is absolutely great for these days. This sport is one of the most dynamic ones of all martial arts. Once you go for it you will learn how to coordinate your mind and body in a perfect way, so that you can allow the unleashing of tremendous physical power at will. Upon developing this amazing ability, even the smallest individual will find that he has within himself the necessary power to deliver a devastating blow to any would-be attacker. The benefits are multiple. For example, in everyday life people tend to forget the value of exercise to physical and mental health as well. Therefore, the practice of this sport will help them tone very well their bodies, develop coordination, build stamina, and also quicken reflexes, which is absolutely great. This is not everything because if you practice this sport for a quite long period of time then you will also benefit from the beautiful development of your composure and your self-confidence. We can say that Karate actually encourages proficiency in the keen coordination of mind as well as body.

Karate may be practice for several reasons but was definitely developed for self-defense. If you ever decide to go for it, then you will certainly make an excellent choice as you will have the chance to enjoy its amazing benefits. We hope you enjoyed our article and most of all, we hope that you will make this sport part of your life.


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