The History of Martial Arts in America

Martial arts is undoubtedly a lot more than just a way of combat. It is actually a codified system as well as the tradition that hones it not only on physical and mental development but on the spiritual one as well. For a better understanding, we will show you in this article more information about the history of martial arts in America.

The Beginning of Martial Arts in the US

Martial arts were born in America after World War II, and it was introduced by Japanese masters. However, there were also several prominent US officials that helped introduce it such as Theodore Roosevelt who actually became an avid student and early adopter of martial arts. Over time, a number of Korean teachers came to America, in order to introduce their amazing and unique form of martial arts, that was known at that time by the term ”tae kwon do”. Robert Trias was considered the Father of American Karate due to the fact that he had a generous contribution to the development of this sport in the United States.

The First Martial Arts School in America

The one who actually started the martial arts school in America is Robert Trias. By 1948, he has opened the US Karate Association, which was the first martial arts organization on the American territory. This organization helped Trias to host the first national karate tournament in the US. This took place in 1963 at the University of Chicago. His style has very strong roots in traditional karate, even though his techniques were quite different than any sort of fighting style from the Ryu-kyu islands. However, Trias’ Karate style has been and still is these days an important part of martial arts.

How Many Martial Arts Schools are in the United States?

These days, we can say that the United States has plenty of martial arts schools. However, not all of them have professional teachers and not all of them can offer the real opportunity to build a wonderful career out of this sport. It is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact number of schools, but it is believed to be around 3-million martial arts participants in America, with about 15,000 martial arts schools helping them to perfect their craft. Martial arts are without a doubt some sort of vehicle that helps an individual learn the benefits of discipline, self-mastery, as well as fighting through physical and mental adversity. It is an exceptional fighting style that has become over the years a mainstay in American culture for generations.

By offering you the above information regarding the history of martial arts in America, we hope that you will understand better how this sport actually got to the US and how it has developed over the years. Since these days people tend to be extremely stressed and with very little patience, martial arts are a sport that can highly improve a person not only physically but mentally as well. Furthermore, it can also have a positive effect on the way you see life and people.

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